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Restaurant Reservations FORQY isn't only a restaurant website builder it's an amazingly rich platform that will help you to organize reservations and improve your restaurant business.

Discard your pen and paper,
manage your reservations in a smart and productive way

Our restaurant reservation system genuinely saves your time and money, you get an excellent overview of your reservations, availability of tables and knowledge of your customers, it is priceless.


Streamlining Operation

Guests can simply and fast book a table through your website and freely whenever they please, even when the restaurant is closed.

Maximize Seating Potential

Comprehensive overview and control over your tables so that you can exploit all the potential what your restaurant offers.

Real-time Management

Always you will see the tables which are now available, occupied or awaiting reservation - in a real time, no more confusions.


Drag-and-drop Table Management

Create and manage tables with our drag-and-drop floor plan manager; there is a large selection of tables in various sizes, and the case of the larger restaurant you can divide tables into several rooms.

Suitable for the restaurants of all sizes and types.

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Reservations Management

Easily manage all your bookings from a single device with the overview of availability and occupation of tables in a real-time directly on a floor plan or timeline. No more confusions and missed reservations.

When will show the guests at your door, always you will have a perfect overview of an occupied and free tables in your entire restaurant; therefore, you will know where to seat your guests.

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Reservations Timeline

The timeline displays the reservations in consecutive order by date and time, and you will always know who will come today, tomorrow or in a week.

Cloud-based Solution

No extra hardware to buy. Works on PCs, Macs, iPads or Windows POS's. Accessible with the standard web browser.

Reservations by Phone

You can continue to take reservations by phone, email or in person, just simply add them to the system.

Email Notifications

We will notify you by email about every reservation, so you don't need to be logged still in our app.

Customer Notifications

Your customers will never forget the reservation; our system will remind before its start by email.

Business Hours

Available dates and times controlled by using your business hours and your additional settings.

Advanced Settings

You can set how many days to the future, how long after opening, and how long before closing, you want to receive reservations.

No Hidden Charges

No other costs associated with accepting and managing reservations.

Get Started Now. Join the FORQY. Just a few seconds to create an account and then you can start to build your restaurant website.

No credit card required. No set-up costs. No additional fees.